Know the wide coverage in logistic solutions that are available for your company on a single platform.
In partnership with Pak2Go we cover the demands of delivery of goods in and out of Mexico eliminating the frontiers of global trade with optimal logistics solutions.
Pak2Go is the leading company in Mexico in terms of integral logistic service and has a wide range of options with which we look for 2 main objectives:
  • Customer Satisfaction and
  • The profitability of companies
International Trade Consulting
Dont know where to start?
Need help with international shipping?
We guide you in the process of export and we help you to analyze if it is viable to export your products and to choose the medium, method and route for the shipment of your cargo.
National shipments
  • Coverage throughout Mexico
  • Consolidated Cargo Land Transport
  • Delivery Notifications at destination
  • Satellite load Tracking
  • Multiple loading equipment
  • Consolidated Cargo Transports
International shipping
  • United States and Canada
  • Delivery notifications at destination
  • Satellite load tracking
  • Full load (FTL)
  • Consolidated load (LTL)
  • Dry box
  • Refrigerated box
  • Torton
  • Rabón platforms
Air transportation
  • World Coverage
  • FCL (Full Container Load)
  • Delivery notifications at destination
  • Satellite load tracking
  • LCL (Less than Container Load)
  • Collection in origin
  • Service from a platform
Sea transport
  • Satellite load tracking
  • Express Service
  • Charts
  • Specialized
  • Delivery notifications at destination
Quality certification and quantification of goods
We provide support in reducing the risks of foreign trade operations Médiate
The inspection of the cargo, in order to ensure compliance with the agreed standards:
Quality, quantity and weight monitoring
Boarding supervision
Temperature monitoring
Fumigation monitoring
Quality Control
Packing supervision and inspection
Inspection of the means of transport
Product evaluation.
International coverage
We deliver your merchandise to any destination in the world
Know the delivery options
Through FindinMexico it is possible to offer different delivery options Know them.
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We have a strategic alliance with Pak2Go, a leading logistics company with national and international coverage, who is in charge of all the activities related to the logistics of delivery of the goods.
Those companies registered under the scheme of hiring a Premium E-Commerce Plan will be able to have access to all the logistic services options integrated within the quotation requests received, such as guidance, advice, quotation of Services, feasibility assessment and hiring of services among others.
  • All logistical costs must be covered by the buyer at the time of completion of the purchase.
  • The seller must on his own pay in advance the amount of the logistic services before collecting the merchandise.
  • FindinMexico releases the payment corresponding to the seller 48hrs after the goods have been delivered as agreed.
If the buyer has expressly requested that your purchase order be handled under our cross-border E-commerce, then only our online payment gateway can be used: and our logistics service provider: Pak2Go, as it is the only Way that FindinMexico offers the guarantee of payment against delivery of the merchandise.
When the buyer authorizes it, the follow-up may be carried out on the outside of the platform under the companys traditional product sales schemes, assuming the risks that may exist.
All documents are shipped on behalf of the company you sell or export, unless there is any other request
When there is a history of antiquity and good practice, it is possible that at your own consideration, Pak2Go formalize a credit account with the companies.
Only companies that have contracted the Premium E-Commerce Plan will be able to have direct access to the logistic services offered via FindinMexico.
There are limitations concerning the type of goods that can be logistically displaced by the platform. In general, any merchandise that has legal restrictions for marketing and handling may not be marketed or distributed. For more information, please refer to our Terms and conditions.
The Pak2Go team offers as part of its logistic services to companies with Premium E-commerce plans, all the guidance, evaluation and processing of permits and regulations necessary for the export process in Mexico and import in the country of destination.