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When buying any goods within FindinMexico, you will have the guarantee of payment against delivery of your merchandise.
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Each business can offer delivery options inside and outside of Mexico.
Not necessarily. It is also possible to get quotation requests to registered companies and to follow them on the outside of the platform. FindinMexico assumes no responsibility for transactions carried out on the platform, since these are assumed at their own risk.
By choosing to buy through FindinMexico you will have the confidence that you can do business with reliable and previously verified companies, that your payment will be processed safely and retained under warranty until your merchandise is delivered to the agreed place. Are there minimum purchases at FindinMexico? Yes. Each company establishes the minimums of purchase for their products according to their convenience.
All commercial transactions carried out within the FindinMexico platform must be covered by a wire transfer through
FindinMexico maintains the lowest purchase commissions on the market: 3,125% applicable to the buyer in amounts of up to 5 000 USD, and gradually decrease as amounts increase. All payments must be made through an interbank transfer. Learn more about our sales commissions.
Our commitment is to offer our clients a reliable base of companies with which it is convenient to make commercial deals. To achieve this, we invite registered companies to carry out the verification processes of their domicile and the legality of their operations by revising official documents.
In FindinMexico we are governed by the rules of the INCOTERMS 2010, used in the international transactions for the regulation of the distribution of documents, conditions of delivery of goods, distribution of costs and risks of the operation. Based on its ability and convenience, each company is free to offer any of the options available, sticking at all times to stay within the stipulated guidelines.
In partnership with Pak2Go, a leading logistics services company in Mexico, we offer a full range of merchandise delivery solutions to any place in the world according to terms agreed with the seller.