What is FindinMexico?
We are a B2B Business Portal focused on strengthening the commercial activities of companies inside and outside of Mexico to attract greater business opportunities.
What do we do?
We consolidate new business relationships between companies (B2B) and facilitate their commercial and logistics operations.
How do we do it?
Through our Portfolio of Strategic Solutions: Cross-Border E-Commerce, Payments against Delivery Processes, Global Logistics Services, Digital Marketing and more.
Who do we do it for?
Both SMEs and large companies derive great benefits from the diversification of markets that results in clients with immediate business intentions.
Portfolio of Strategic Solutions
Advertise, quote, sell, charge and receive payments without leaving FindinMexico.

B2B business portal

Cross-Border E-comerce

Product exhibition

Portal of electronic payments

Content management system (CMS)

Sales management system

Web Positioning

Logistics Services

Distribution Center in the USA

Foreign Trade Advisory

Why buy in Mexico?
Low import rates
Mexico offers preferential import rates to more than 40 countries.
Quality of Products
Find products among a wide variety of categories.
Low cost distribution
Because of its infrastructure Mexico is an important logistics platform.
Export capacity
Mexico is an important commercial partner, being one of the main exporting countries in the world.
Why use FindinMexico?
FindinMexico brings together reliable and verified companies and allows you to eliminate commercial risks when purchasing with our guarantee of payment against delivery of merchandise.