The dream of Datilera del Desierto S de RL de CV was to substitute imports with national product and continue growing to some day export to the whole world, for which it is required to plant a large number of palm trees. 
Type of Company:
 Production and commercial company 
Main activities:
 Production of groceries 
Number of employees:
Value Proposition:
 Some of the benefits of our products are high quality at low prices because we focus on obtaining the best results with the best losses. Compared with other companies we can say that our products are effective since the use they offer in exchange for their cost is quite high. 

 We are a company dedicated to agriculture seeking to meet the needs of our users through our products, we know that today there is a need, that is why through our company we will try to solve that need. 

 Take our company beyond our local area, exporting our products abroad and covering every time a wider sector of the population, taking our products to those who still do not have the happiness of being able to use them and thus covering the needs of our consumers. 

 Quality: Always seek to improve the way our products are developed. 

 Leadership: Strive to always be the best in what we do. 

 Integrity: Always be transparent 

 Solve: Give a solution to those problems that society has. 

Business Presence:
 Within Mexico 

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Calzada Gomez Morin 382
C.P 21216
Ensenada, Baja California
Calzada Gomez Morin #382, C.P 21216, Ensenada, Baja California. México.
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Datilera Del Desierto

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